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Welcome to FashionSHEsta, an online community of “Model-Aged” women who are on a mission to live with Style & Happiness, Every day! My name is Regina, I’m the Founder of FashionSHEsta. I decided years ago that I wanted to live life with Style & Happiness Every day and today, I believe that all women have the right to live their lives with Style & Happiness Every day.. 

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Style is a form of personal expression. When what we wear, the look of our homes and how we spend our time align with our personal style, it just feels right. Confidence swells within and we are ready for anything. Get ready…

What if happiness was a choice? What if we could experience it just by changing our minds? FashionSHEsta’s know that happiness IS a choice and she chooses to feel it, express it, and share it every day. C’mon, get HAPPY!

What others see as boring, FashionSHEsta’s see as an opportunity to transform the boredom of every day by adding a little Style & Happiness to it. ShaGLAM⚡️





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