Try This Simple 3-Step System for Putting an Outfit Together

Even though I’ve been working from home for the last 10+ years, I still get dressed “to the shoes” 6 out of 7 days a week.  “To the shoes” means a complete outfit, including makeup, accessories, and stylish shoes. The world is your runway, leave the Crocs in the closet when possible. Better yet, leave them at the store, so you aren’t tempted to wear those #FashionDonts at all.  

Between us girls, the main reason I get dressed every day is that I just feel better and accomplish more when my confidence is up. While I appreciate random lazy days, I feel better when I have my look together.  #FashionSHEcret

Regardless of what is on the schedule for the day, it doesn’t usually take more than a couple of minutes to put a “lewk” (influencer lingo for look) together that will rock comfort and confidence until it’s time to get ready for the featherbed ball as my maternal grandmother used to say. (Get ready for bed)

After many years of sabotaging an otherwise perfectly good day because I would morph into a total spaz trying to decide what to wear, which would in-turn, either leave me running late or looking like something that the wind blew in. I finally came up with the S.H.E. 1-2-3 System, and the best part of it is you can change up the order of the 1-2-3 and still have a great looking outfit in minutes whether you are running to the store or are heading to a (virtual) black-tie affair. 

The key for some quick inspo is knowing what’s in your wardrobe. I’ll ask myself what goes with the vibe I want to feel and project?  Is there a new necklace that I want to power-up with? How about those gorgeous cognac-colored booties that I had to have? Ooh I can wear those with denim and a light-colored top, long necklace (gives a slimming effect) a pair of hoops, a fun cuff in place of an arm party, nude lippie and smokey eye and #ShaGLAM

Step #1- Mood/vibe— Know what vibe you want to feel and project.  Confident, romantic, professional, dressy, casual, boho, chic-mom, professional, chic-at-home, etc  

The Vibe you choose will also help determine which fabrics work well.

Step #2- Color-– Which colors do you love? Which are most flattering for your skin tone and coloring (hair/eyes/undertones)? 

Step #3- Accessories- Jewelry, handbags, shoes, scarves/wraps, sunnies (sunglasses). Accessories are the finishing touches for a polished look. They should reflect the Vibe, enhance the colors and fabrics of your clothing, and coordinate with other Accessories. 

An example of what The 1-2-3 looks like:

It’s Date Night, and my husband, Bob, and I are going out for dinner at a higher-end restaurant. 

If I followed the 1-2-3 it would look like this:

Step #1- VibeSophisticated Sexy.  **You decide how you want to look and feel. I’m picturing a quiet table for two with candlelight, and I want my husband’s face to light up the room when he’s looking at me. Sophisticated Sexy looks to me like a beautiful ivory-colored silk blouse worn with a pair of black cigarette pants, a strappy metallic sandal, and a wrap that coordinates with my shoes and handbag. Jewelry is classic, a pair of studs or a pearl drop earring. 

Step # 2 Color 

         Ivory-colored silk blouse worn with a pair of black cigarette pants

Step #3  Accessories

 Strappy metallic sandals,  a wrap that coordinates with my sandals and handbag. 

Jewelry is classic, a pair of studs or a pearl drop earring, delicate necklace, cocktail ring on my forefinger.

   Makeup is a smokey eye with a little shimmer, natural lip with gloss.

The S.H.E 1-2-3 Fashion Formula really is that simple!  It extends your wardrobe and allows for less “stuff.”  When there are too many choices, well, you know how that goes.  The answer is always, simplify.

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