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“Cut me, Mick” – Rocky Balboa

It’s not every day that I’m going to remind you of a less-than-glam scene from a movie, but as I’m typing this, FashionSHEsta, a personal blog that I’ve been kicking the idea around for well over 10 years is launching tomorrow!  No, it’s not a blog about boxing but I’m using the analogy to remind you to get up and keep swinging when others either expect you not to or even worse, tell you to stay down.

I have been a part of Facebook and Instagram from the time each platform launched. Like most people, I’ve used it over the years as a way to connect with friends, family, colleagues, customers, cheering on strangers, a place to store photos and memories, documenting vacations, birthdays, graduations, and some marketing for business.  Pretty much “all the things.”

Something I’ve never used it for was to create divisiveness or make anyone feel less than by posting about politics, race, or religion. Right or wrong, giving “my” opinion on those things doesn’t fuel me the way sharing pictures and posts about Style & Happiness does. (Welcome to FashionSHEsta!) 

6 weeks ago, I shared an intimate glimpse on Facebook of what my dad and I were going through with the loss of my brother, his only son, to addiction. The post wasn’t “look at us” – my intention was to shine the light on addiction and to share a different perspective of it. It resonated with a lot of people, there were close to 600 comments from people sharing their sentiments. Nothing demanding or divisive, many people messaged me privately and thanked me for being transparent and vulnerable. That post gave me the confidence to do more of what has always been a struggle for me…showing my vulnerable side.

From the time I was young, I had gotten the message somewhere that people either won’t like me, will leave me, or as the latest fad would have it, CANCEL me altogether if I showed them who I really was. I protected my vulnerable side with a happy face or a flighty joke for the first almost 50 years of my life. I was simply doing what I was told, “Never let them see you sweat.”  (Beware of marketing messaging😉)  and they won’t abandon or CANCEL you.

I hadn’t posted anything on Instagram since a recipe I shared for some Stuffed Hungarian Peppers I made in July, but last week I felt moved to share something that helped me through the loss of my mother to ovarian cancer. The post talked about the impact a movie had on me and how it still inspires me today. (You can find it HERE)

Again, nothing prejudice or anything that would cause divisiveness, my intention was to share this simple idea that we all have access to the beauty of a sunrise or sunset.

Apparently, someone at Facebook wasn’t happy with my posts because both accounts were shut down without warning or an explanation. The most frustrating part is not having the ability to appeal their decision or even ask what I did wrong. Yep, Facebook and Instagram “CANCELLED” me. They also canceled the ability for me to let the 7000 people I was connected to on both platforms know about FashionSHEsta, something I have been working hard to create over the last 8 months and thinking about for the last 12 years. I mean, who launches a website without ANY social media? Losing both Facebook and now Instagram a week before I was finally about to launch this blog felt like a 1-2 punch🤪🥊 Such is life, right?

Wrong! Cue the music because I’m channeling my inner Rocky Balboa from round 14 of the first movie where he gets clobbered and knocked down by Apollo Creed. No one expected him to get back up and keep swinging…even his trainer, Mick told him to “stay down!” #CutMeMick

I’m going down this rabbit hole to remind both of us that showing up is half of the battle. You have a 50% chance of achieving whatever your goal is by showing up regardless of circumstances and a 100% chance of all of the efforts being for nothing if we choose to hide under the covers and pout. I’m taking the bet and showing up no matter what.  

I’m happy to let you know that the results are in and it worked because YOU are HERE! 🥳

As a thank you for showing up 🙌 I want to share some recommendations on protecting your accounts in the event Facebook or Instagram “cancel” you. If you’re on Facebook and/or Instagram, I would love for you to be one of the first people to help me rebuild my accounts. Click HERE for Instagram and HERE for my personal Facebook page.

Here are some resources to protect your information on both Facebook and Instagram:

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