Regina Viscount-King

"I believe every woman can live with Style & Happiness, Every day."


Well hello there!

I’m Regina, a 52-ish-year-old woman on a mission to connect with other “model-aged” women who want to make the rest of their lives the BEST of their lives by adding a little (or A LOT) of Style & Happiness Every day! 

I’m married to the love of my life, Bob. Before you stop reading because you can’t read while rolling your eyes, believe me when I tell you that over the course of our lives we both pretty much crawled over broken glass to finally meet each other just under 5 years ago. I’ll introduce you to Bob and how we met in a blog post at some point and chances are as you get to know him you will see why he fits into #Reginaland like Cinderella’s glass slipper.

My weakness is chocolate covered pretzels. White chocolate, dark chocolate, milk chocolate...give me ALL the chocolate and salt and crunchy...ok, maybe it’s more than a weakness. Prosecco is also a fave when ice-cold and in a pretty glass. Greet me with one of each and we are besties for life. If those standards aren’t too low for you then stick around because there’s more where that came from! (I knew I liked you).

I grew up in “southern” New Jersey. My father’s family settled in the Atlantic City, NJ area after receiving a grant from the King of England in the mid-1600s. (I’m pretty sure that my first husband of 20 years and father of my son was hoping for a dowry). 

Speaking of my father, it’s 100% his fault that I love the beach to the extent I do. My dad was the primary caregiver for my younger brother and me, which was definitely unconventional at the time during the 1970s-80s. Many great childhood memories were made on the beach in Atlantic City, NJ where my dad grew up. Thinking back to that time, I remember being squished into a coach with my brother so that my dad while in a light jog pushed the coach with his beach chair on the lid of the coach 4 blocks to the beach from my grandmother’s house in Atlantic City. To this day I’m a firm believer that the beach is the soul’s doctor...feeling sad/anxious/angry? Get to a beach. 

Even though I grew up with 2 males, I’ve always been drawn to the glam-factor of things. Makeup, hairstyles (boy did I have fun in the late ’80s/early ’90s with hairstyles), modeling, fashion, high heels, fashion magazines, all the pretty things like cut crystal, candles, fresh flowers, beautiful fabrics, and a welcoming home have always been my jam and I can hardly wait to share the “model-age” version of these things with you through the FashionSHEsta lifestyle.
Don’t worry, it’s not about eliminating everything you own and buying a bunch of new stuff that you probably don’t need, it’s actually the opposite. The FashionSHEsta lifestyle is about living life expressing who YOU are not what society says you should be. The SHE in FashionSHEsta represents living with Style & Happiness Every day, and it’s YOU who decides what that is. 
So, fasten your seatbelt because your life is about to take off in ways you didn’t realize you’ve had the keys to all along! (My dear)

Aside from brief stints of selling cars and radio advertising back in the day, my career has revolved around all things fashion and beauty. My first paycheck from the business of beauty and fashion began at 18 when I was a counter manager at the local mall for one of the largest cosmetics companies in the world at the time. My job was to identify a customer’s skin care needs and guide them to the proper skin care system as well as teach them which makeup colors and techniques would enhance their looks the most. What? I can make money while playing with makeup? Yes, please! That job was the catalyst for me to continue learning everything I could about fashion, skincare, and color cosmetics eventually leading to starting my own skincare and makeup company when I was in my mid 20’s. It wasn’t easy since the internet was in its infancy, but my ambition and close proximity to New York City made it possible. 

Leading up to this time, I worked in various salons as a manicurist and makeup artist collecting numerous stories about life as well as some hysterical moments that are now affectionately referred to as, “Reginaland.” Looking back, I am shaking my head at some of the situations I put myself in and wonder how I’ve managed to still be alive. I’ve worked with celebrities, people who thought they were celebrities, and most importantly, many women who have cheered me on over the years who may have started as a customer but became friends and have silently cheered me on through the grit and grace that life serves us. 

I’m excited to share what I’ve learned over the past 35+ years with you! Like I said in the beginning, I am on a mission to connect with other “model-aged” women who also want to make the rest of their lives the BEST of their lives by adding a splash of Style & Happiness to the Everyday. If that’s you, please make sure you are on my email list so you will be the first to know when the latest blog post is up helping you live with Style & Happiness, Everyday!