Fall 2020 Coat Trends

For the longest time, I have had a thing for coats. Not just any coat, coats that wave to me from the rack, and say, “I’m stylish and practical.”  Sort of the way I like to think of myself, stylish with a dash of practical…they take turns as far as which one is leading at the moment.

The essential coats to have for Fall/Winter 2020 pay homage to those of yesteryear. Whoa! That sentence was a bit too Charles Dickens for this girl! “Cleartext” as my retired law enforcement husband would say. Basically, this season’s coats go back to the classics we grew up with. Trench coats ranging in colors from beige to black and fabric choices from Gore-Tex to leather. I will recommend that you stay away from a black leather trench coat unless you’re going full-throttle Matrix Reloaded. Your choice.

A tailored coat or jacket is the proverbial timeless classic. Great job for holding on to them over the years because they are back in style along with the old faithful beige trench coat! Whether you prefer Burberry, the granddaddy of Gabardine, or US-based London Fog, the trend gives a nod to the traditional classics.  

Personal favorites that are trending for Fall 2020 are capes & vests. There’s something about rocking a cape with straight-legged pants and a pair of heels that pretty much has me convinced that I was a superhero in a previous life. If I show up to lunch rocking a gold cuff on each wrist you’ll know it’s one of those days. On a serious note, a cape is a very chic and easy way to look and feel polished for those Fall days that you might want an extra layer. Ponchos and blanket wraps also fall under the capes category. I’ve been wearing them for years, and actually have one draped over my shoulders while I’m writing this. Let’s hear it for practical and stylish!

Vests are great if you want an instant slimming effect assuming you don’t choose one with wide horizontal stripes like your dad wore in college.

The key is to keep it long and lean, meaning no heavy or puffy fabrics that would make you look more like the Michelin Man than the statuesque beauty you are.

Speaking of the Michelin Man, Puffer Coats are still going strong in all lengths and colors.

Other trending styles happening for Fall/Winter 2020 are  

Fringe jackets. Yep, think 70s suede jackets. Fortunately, the technology used today in some suede inspired fabric makes it waterproof so there’s no need to worry that your suede jacket would end up like Jerry Seinfeld’s in the “Jacket” episode. 

Plaid is also back for an encore. Fall is less about the consistent color blocking of Buffalo plaid save it for Christmas and more about Tartan plaid which has multiple colors and line variations. 

A simple way to incorporate some trends into your essentials this season is to combine 2 trends such as a plaid cape or coat.

Belts are also big this season so if you’re deciding between belted or not belted go for belted. Get really crazy and go for a double-breasted coat for bonus points!
For your convenience, I’ve put together a shopping guide in case you just can’t be bothered with browsing as well as a guide to determine which style is most flattering for your body shape. You can download the Style Guide here

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